Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey

Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammaplasty) is has done to ensure symmetry and women who complain about the size of their breasts to making their life much more comfortable.

Why Should I Have Breast Reduction Surgery?

● If the patient's normal activities are hampered by the size of the breast,
● If the breasts are excessively large for the body,
● If there is a symmetry problem between the two breasts,
● If patient suffers from neck and back pain due to their breast weight

How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Has Done?

Breast reduction methods may differ depending on the patient's breast size and whether she plans to have children in the future. The most important thing here is that after evaluating the patient's condition, whichever technique is appropriate for her is used.

What Should Be Done After The Surgery?

Following the surgery, patient is fitted with a special bra that must be worn for 15 days. After 15 days, the sports bra is switched to a regular bra. Heavy sports are not recommended for 10 days. The patient can start driving 3 or 4 weeks after the operation.

Can I Get Pregnant And Breastfeed After The Surgery?

There is no harm in becoming pregnant after breast reduction surgery, but there may be a 20% loss in milk production.

Will The Surgery Leave A Scar?

There will be an incision scar on the nipple that extends downwards following the surgery. This scar may be in the shape of an inverted T in very large breasts. For the first six months, one has a scar that turns red, then skin colour, and eventually disappears.

How Long Should International Patients Stay For The Surgery?

Our patients must stay for a minimum of seven days. Prior to this date, no flight permits will be issued.