Laminate Veneer

Laminated Coating in Turkey

This treatment can be used for many dental problems. The laminate veneer method can be used in cases when your teeth are very discolored and cannot be corrected, or it can be used for teeth with bad structure and shape. In addition, if there are too many spaces between your teeth and if you have broken teeth, the dental treatment that consists of attaching of thin leaf-like layers can be applied to correct the appearance of the teeth. Although this treatment method is generally used to make your teeth look beautiful, you can also have laminate veneers in cases when the teeth cannot fully perform their chewing and cutting functions.

Why should I have Laminated Veneers?

● For teeth with discoloration and deformity,
● Correction of slightly crooked teeth,
● Broken, worn out, cracked teeth,
● For patients who do not like the color of their natural teeth and want permanent whiteness,
● For people who don"t like their teeth.
● For the correction of old fillings that have lost their esthetic appearance on the front surfaces of the teeth, their color and structure have deteriorated,
● It can be applied to patients who want to lengthen and reshape their teeth and patients who want to close the gaps between the teeth.

Who Cannot Have Laminate Coating?

● People with habits such as nail biting,
● Pen biting,
● teeth grinding,
● People with bruxism
● This treatment is not suitable for people whose lower jaw is extending forward and who have occlusion disorders in their teeth.

Laminate Coating Treatment

Since the treatment is performed with local anesthesia, you will not feel any pain. Some preparations before the treatment are important for the surgery to be successful. In this way, the most suitable smile design can be obtained. In the first examination, it is checked whether the gums are healthy. Since the aesthetic expectation is high in laminate veneers treatment, dental calculus(teeth stones) cleaning and curettage should be performed beforehand. In addition, if there are deformities detected in the gums, they should be carefully removed.