Laser Eye Surgery

lazer ameliyatı

Laser Eye Surgery (Excimer Laser) in Turkey

Laser eye surgery is a popular method for treating vision problems. However eye must be suitable for laser surgery. Eye Health is one of the concerns that we all care about. Many of us prefer to use glasses or contact lenses to correct our vision problems. However, some people may prefer laser surgery to completely get rid of this problem. Excimer laser is a laser treatment method for eye disorders such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

How is Excimer Laser Eye Surgery has done?

The type of surgery required depends on the thickness of the cornea, the transparent layer of the eye. The ophthalmologist should conduct a preliminary examination the day before and advise the patient on which type of surgery to undergo. Laser surgery is an extremely quick procedure, and both eyes are operated within about 15-20 minutes. Drops are used to numb the area during the procedure. Pain is not felt as a result of the numbing. For 3-4 hours after the procedure, there may be burning, stinging, and turbidity in the eyes. While hospitalisation is not required following these procedures, patients can usually return to work 1 to 7 days later, depending on the method used.

What Should You Consider For After Excimer Laser Eye Surgery?

● Patients should avoid wearing make-up for the first 5 days and rubbing their eyes vigorously for the first 15 days. ● It is not recommended to swim in the pool or sea for 15 days. ● For the first two days, the patient is not allowed to shower or wash his/her face.

Would The Eyes Deteriorate Again After The Surgery?

While the age, number, thickness, and shape of the cornea are important factors in the relapse of a laser-treated eye, other factors such as the eye disorder (myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism) are also important. This is not something that everyone will have to deal with. If the person's eye structure is suitable, this surgery can be repeated up to three times.

How Long Should International Patients Stay For Surgery?

Our patients must stay for a minimum of 3 days. Prior to this date, no flight permits will be issued.