Smile Design

Gülüş Tasarımı

Smile Aesthetics in Turkey

Smile design is the name given to the cosmetic dental procedure that corrects imperfections and creates best smile and design of the patient"s teeth, mouth and face by aesthetically harmonizing them. Smile design includes different applications for each patient. A road map is drawn and put into practice by determining the actions to be taken for the best smile.

Smile design examinations include detailed aesthetic analyzes in which the aesthetic criteria of teeth, gums and lips are evaluated. Their harmony with each other are also taken into account. In smile design, which is a multidisciplinary dentistry approach, many different treatments are applied together. In this way, a successful smile design is planned.

Why should I have Smile Aesthetics?

● People with irregularities in the length of their teeth,
● People who have problems with the appearance of the gums,
● People with missing teeth,
● People with crooked teeth,
● Those who have abnormal coloration of their teeth,
● Patients with disproportionate teeth and gums can also benefit from this procedure.

Smile Aesthetics Treatment

An appropriate aesthetic planning is made according to the patient"s needs and facial features. Then the patient will have a healthy smile and a healthy appearance. The result is usually long lasting. However, in order for the result to be permanent, the patient should pay attention to oral and dental health. The number of sessions varies according to the current condition of the patient and the treatments to be performed. The treatment can sometimes be completed in a single session and sometimes in a few weeks.