Smart Lenses

Smart Lens Surgery in Turkey

Smart lenses, also known as trifocal (3-point-of-focus) lenses, are artificial lenses that are implanted into the patient's eye during cataract surgery. Trifocal implants provide excellent patient comfort and eliminate long-term vision problems. Trifocal implants are also appropriate for patients who have vision problems due to cataracts, or for young patients with advanced glasses who have poor vision due to thick glasses with a high index, or who cannot carry glasses due to the weight of glasses and want to get rid of glasses but are not suitable for laser surgery.

Why Should I Have Smart Lens Surgery?

Anyone over the age of 40 who has vision problems at a distance, close, or both, and who does not want to wear glasses due to their very high prescription, and who wants to be free of these heavy glasses for good, is eligible for this surgery.
Every eye has smart lens attached will be able to see in the healthiest way in the far distance, near distance, and middle distance. The number of eyeglasses will never increase again, and cataracts will never form in the eye.

To Whom Are Smart Lenses Not Applicable?

● For patients who suffer from yellow spot disease,
● Those who have vascular damage in the retina as a result of diabetes or another cause,
● Those who have strabismus as a consequence of a lazy eye,
● People who have severe corneal deformity and those with glaucoma,
smart lenses are not suitable.

How Is Smart Lens Surgery Has Done?

Smart lense surgery has done in a sterile environment under standard operating room conditions. Each eye undergoes a procedure that takes about 10 minutes on separate days. Drop anaesthetic is used. There is no need for general anaesthesia, sedation, or hospitalisation. Since the area we work within the eye is devoid of vessels and nerves, there will be no feeling of pain in this area. As a result, the procedure is completely painless.
The FAKO device, which uses ultrasound energy to enter the eye through extremely small incisions, cleans the blurry lens (cataract) in the eye. Afterwards, the smart lens is inserted into the eye through these small incisions using specially folded instruments. The patient can resume his/her normal life the next day if he/she follows the drug treatment rules. The patient begins to see the following day. The operation has done again on the other eye Within a few days.

How Long Should International Patients Stay For Surgery?

Our patients must stay for a minimum of seven days. Prior to this date, no flight permits will be issued.