Eyebrow and Beard Transplant

kaş yüz saç ekimi

Eyebrow & Beard & Moustache Transplant in Turkey

Men's and women's lifestyles are significantly influenced by Beard such as beards, moustaches, and brows. If any of these hairs are missing or sparse, men choose beard, moustache, and eyebrow transplantation, and women apply eyebrow transplantation. These procedures can be used in the absence of Beard, in rare cases, burns in areas with Beard, or in other medical conditions.

Why Should I Have A Beard, Moustache And Eyebrow Transplant?

Planting has done on healthy people aged 20 to 75.
The first requirement for beard, moustache, and brow transplantation is the presence of hair.
The best quality roots for these procedures are those taken from the thin-wire area between the two ears on the nape of the neck and the hair follicles above the ear.

How Is Beard, Moustache And Eyebrow Transplant Has Done?

● Doctor who specialises in hair aesthetics examines your hair structure and determines whether it is suitable for beard, moustache and eyebrow transplant procedures.
● Following that, your doctor will determine and measure the number of grafts that will be processed during the operation.
● Both the beard, moustache and eyebrow transplant and donor hair areas will be anaesthetized with local anaesthesia.
● With the Choi implanter pen, the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area, and once that is done, the transplantation is performed one by one to the determined area.
● The operation takes about 6-8 hours. Long-running operations may be divided into sessions.

What Should You Consider For After Beard, Moustache and Eyebrow Transplant?

● The medications prescribed following the operation should be taken on a regular basis.
● No salty foods should be consumed after the operation (To avoid the formation of edoema).
● The transplanted area should be washed with hair lotion without being touched for 10 days.
● Baths and saunas should be avoided for 6 months following surgery.
● Swimming in the pool or the sea should be avoided for two months following the operation.
● It is not recommended to remove the brows after brow transplantation; instead, the growing hairs in the brow area should be trimmed with scissors.
● Shaving should be avoided for at least three months after beard and moustache transplantation.

What Is The Recovery Process?

Patient is discharged with various information and products-medications to be used at home following the operarion . Patient's first dressing and washing is performed under clinical conditions 24 hours after the procedure, and the patient is given home washing instructions. Patients are advised to wash as desired, morning and evening, with special products fopr a week.
Then all of the crusts in the planting area are shed after 10 days. At the end of the eighth month, 80% of the transplanted beard, moustache, and brow will be complete, and 100% by the end of the 12th month.

How Long Should International Patients Stay For Hair Transplant?

● Our patients who come Turkey for Beard, Moustache and Eyebrow Transplantation from abroad should stay at least 3 days. No flight permits will be issued before this date.
● Additionally, our patients should arrive to the hair transplant procedure to Turkey one day prior.